Artist & Photographer

My name is Martin de la Foi. I am an artist, photographer and musician.

Born (1969, Sweden) and raised in an artistic family, I have been surrounded by creativity my whole life. After residing for several years in a studio in Stockholm, I decided to change everything and started looking for a more minimalistic approach to my work. And in 2012 I shipped all things necessary to my current head quarters, Majorca, Spain. Since then the island has been the center for my work. 

My mission is to capture moments. To slice up time, make a cut in our ongoing timeline and immortalise with its light and colours. To find that one split second in which we exists together.

As a photographer, that moment is everything to me. As a human, it is even more important. Because it craves presence and I believe  presence is worth defending. 

I consider the great conversion from analog to digital to be a major improvement of the tools we use, but in the end it all comes down to light and lens. Which is why - in response to a current very technique driven photographic development - I aim to continue working with a more analog mindset. 

This perspective is the foundation of my whole working process. Since I trust my camera as well as my instincts, I can move quickly through any selection process, while deleting all uncertain material from my archives.

It’s a method that inspires me not to look back, but ahead, to the next moment. In which we can exist together.

(Portrait by © Pernilla Danielsson)