I Am Who I Am - There's No Escape

I am an artist and this is my sanctuary. 

It is a gateway to my universe and the voice in my search of the light. It is a little black book to keep my poems and a prominent library in the making. It is a promise, to always pass the point of no return, to make all things end and to let all things begin. And it is a renaissance and the core in my personal quest to restore and defend my faith - in me and in my art.

Because I am 'Défenseur de la Foi' and this is my sanctuary.

"I would rather die of passion than of boredom" [Vincent van Gogh]

Martin de la Foi is an artist and photographer. Swedish by birth, European by heart and creator by soul. One half of the band Sonicfleet and founder of the creative bureau Smith Jones KB

Clients include:
Grand Hotel Nordic SPA & Fitness | NordvalvetPoolia | Suedebird
 Beminded | Mariana Grabos | Moveoo | GoSharp | Earth Yoga | TWOS