Print & Destroy

The DELAFOI-method of 'Print & Destroy' aims to produce the highest form of exclusive photography. The result is that you, as an owner, will be in possession of the only existing copy. 

Each print using 'Print & Destroy' is guaranteed 1 of 1 since all original print files get deleted post-production. The image will not - cannot - be reprinted.

In the world of photography, this is extremely rare - probably unique - but both significant and aligned with the overall creative process of Martin de la Foi. 

“To let things go is a special feeling for a photographer. We are used to several photocopies, different sizes, and there is always that feeling, that possibility, that you can go back and change whatever you think needs changing. But by fully committing to a ‘print and destroy production’ I eliminate all of that. It makes me sharper. It makes me better.”
— Martin de la Foi